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First of all - Great Service!

We rented 7 seater Toyota for 10 days, for family trip.
Very professional and very flexible!
They delivered car to certain place and picked it up from other place in late evening exactly as we needed.
Our car condition was very good (in African standards)
What is the most important - AC was extra effective!
I can highly recommend this rental company!
Tomasz O. (Poland)

I have visited Zanzibar in beginning of March-17. Kibabu representative (Mr. Nasar) met me in airport show the car (Toyota RAV4) and explained everything. The car was in very good condition and clean. Kibabu representative assisted me with exchange money, refueling the car and getting local SIM card. I have driven around island and I have nothing to complain at all
I had only good experiences with Kibabu and I will highly recommend Kibabu for my friends.
Thank you KIBABU!
Sergiy G. (Ukraine)

We rented two Suzuki Escudo for 8 Days. Excellent service (delivery at the airport, pick-up at the airport), great people.
Great cars (very good conditions) with a very effective AC (it was blowing cold air as soon as you turned on the engine).
Catalin A. (Romania)

Via our facebook page () · 03/2017

I recommend them a lot!

We rented a car from Kibabu Cars. After a miscommunications with other rental company (which has cheapest car for 5$ cheaper), I made the reservation in
“5” minutes only two days before arrival. I reserve cheapest 3 door Suzuki for 30$ a day, but they freely upgrade me for 5 door car. I also get for additional 10$, Zanzibars foreigners driving permit – which is in fact just statement that you have your local driving permit. This is must have, because we were stopped few times every day – but always without any problems
Car was clean and everything works fine – especially A/C which is must have! We do about 550 km and spend little less than 10 litres on 100 km.
We get and leave car on Airport, and everything was done in 15 minutes.
I recommended them a lot!

Jurij (Slovenia) · 03/2017

We indeed had a wonderful holiday on your beautiful island.

Great part of it belongs to your trustworthy company, as with your car we could drive all around the island.
The car we got was excellent, Toyota RAV4, and I would like to thank you for giving us the upgrade, as we booked the cheaper one.
Your service was right on time, both during pick up and drop off. We didn't have any problems neither with the car nor with police.
Here's a part of my feedback I wrote to Gaby on Zanzibar insider buzz, four days ago:
"I would like to encourage people to rent a car to see everything, including the inland of the island with its villages. Kibabu was great, spotless,
right on time during pick up and drop off and we even got an upgrade of the car."
I would like to thank you once again and you will have my recommendations to all our friends travelling to Zanzibar.
Sorry, but I don't like social media, so I cannot comment there as I don't have facebook profile.
Asante sana, kindest regards

Dejan B. (Serbia) · 02/2017

l had a solid and frictionless car hire experience,

smooth delivery in Stonetown and pick up at AirPort 8 days later. Lots of police checkpoint but papers and car in order so just friendly encounters. Good value and would hire f.r.o.m. you again.
A smart detail was communication via Whatsapp
Yours, Jan in a group of 4 adults from Sweden
During last month we spent wonderful holiday in Zanzibar. Thanks to rental car (Toyota Harrier) from Kibabu Cars Zanzibar we could discover much more from this island. We were very satisfied with this car and takeover was very uncomplicated.
Thank you KIBABU Petr, Czech
We spent just perfect time on Zanzibar. Also we have very good experience with Kibabu cars. Car was clean. Simply we didnt have any problem with pick up and return.
So I hope see You next year.
Best regards, Matic R., Slovakia
We rented two cars from you in February. We were extremely happy with your service (we got an upgrade on one of the cars!). Your response time is really quick, the cars were excellent, and the pick-up arrangement smooth. We would use your services again. Thank you.
Irina K., Serbia

February 2017

misc () · 02/2017

I found Kibabu Cars to be extremely helpful

and eager to make my stay in Zanzibar as pleasant as possible.
Representatives from the company proactively traveled across the island
to make sure that my car had an updated registration before I even
asked. I would definitely recommend Kibabu to anyone looking to rent a
car in Zanzibar

Julian H. (USA) · 01/2017

Thank you to the Team at Kibabu.

We recently hired a car from them for the week that we stayed in Zanzibar.
It was very easy to arrange we emailed them and arranged the car we wanted. 4 by 4 , it was easy to drive and in good condition, just remember that in Zanzibar, there are no brand new cars, so don't expect them to be the same as when hiring from a conventional hire company, it's not how it works there. But that being said it was a great ride and we loved having the freedom of a car to travel around when and where we wanted. Oh yes another thing, we had to pay a deposit before we left South Africa to secure the booking, which we were a bit afraid to do as we didn't know much about this company and would normally never do anything like that, but we took the chance, read their other reviews and the seemed very all good, and they were.
Our car was delivered to our hotel ON TIME :) and we were given a map and a few instructions on hiw much petrol was and parking, things like that.
Zanzibar doesn't have many roads so it's very hard to get lost.
Then on collection, the driver was there to collect our car, no hassles, a great extra service, not to have to drop it off yourself, but that they collected it from us.
All in all, it was a great experience and I recommend hiring with Kibabu cars, I would definetly hire with them again on my next trip to Zanzibar :)

Tammy K. (South Africa) · 01/2017

I would like to thank you for your services

in our past visit to Zanzibar, December 31st-January 4th (Daniel and Rut). We felt safe with your car. We also felt safe in the times (a couple) the police stopped us and asked us for the papers of the car, driving license, etc.: everything was correct and we had no problem. Also, your indications on how to drive and behave were really useful.
The car was and looked old (as we expected and you already informed us) and some minor things were not working properly (some plastics, some electric
window...) but the important and essential was perfect and tha car looked reliable all the time: the motor, the transmision, the wheels.... it was a great car with satisfactory performance.
We hope to return to Zanzibar sometime and we will count with your service, no question about that. Furthermore, we will recommend anyone travelling to
Zanzibar and we will write a good review in tripadvisor since we really think you did things great.
Kindest regards and thank you for all.

Daniel and Rut R. (Spain) · 01/2017

Thank you again

for the use of the car and for the punctuality for delivering the car as well as returning the car. There is only one little thing that you must take as a friendly advice. With the returning the car at the airport I could not identify persons who collected the car as Kibabu team members. However the seemed to know
everything about the arrangement. For me it would have given me more assurance when they had given me an official Kikabu receipt for returning the car. So maybe that is something for future customers.
But again everything was perfect and we thank you for that.
Reply of Kibabu Cars: Great to hear that you were happy with our service.
Our staff members are supposed to either wear a red polo shirt with our logo or a name tag "Kibabu Cars" for clear identification. We checked with Yakuti who met you, he apparently didn’t wear either. Kibabu will have a serious chat with him. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Harm P. (Holland) · 01/2017

Amazing service

They met us at the airport explained everything. Help us get exchange money the car was a RAV4 3 doors.
The AC was fantastic the car speed and gear is amazing very clean we didn't have any problem with it I am very happy with this company and I highly recommend it.
Spent 5 days with the car.
(posted on our Reviews page on Facebook Kibabu Cars)

Bill M. (UAE) · 12/2016

Excellent service.

All the details were agreed by email before our arrival and there were no issues once we got to the beautiful island of Zanzibar.
The car was in a great condition and we had no issues during our stay.
I would recommend Kibabu Cars to everyone.
ex Reviews on our Facebook page Kibabu Cars Zanzibar

Milos M. (Serbia) · 12/2016

I had a wonderful experience renting a car from Kibabu Cars for my recent trip in Zanzibar.

The team responded quickly to all inquiries and requests before arriving in Zanzibar and provided a variety of communication options once on the island. They kindly dropped off the car exactly where I was staying, making it much easier for me and even went so far as to drive me towards the edge of town and point me in the right direction to get to my destination. I drove all over Zanzibar on my trip and the car I received had absolutely no issues. Then dropping
the car off to hand over was just as easy as everything else. I would highly recommend Kibabu Cars to anyone thinking of taking a trip to Zanzibar!

Margaret H. (USA) · 12/2016

As someone who has rented cars in 4 continents, I can really recommend Kibabu Cars.

I picked them for our Zanzibar vacation, based both on other online reviews and on the recommendation of our hotel, and they fully lived up to this.
The pre-rental exchange via email was very efficient and helpful. The contract was clear. The pick-up was smooth and efficient, and we were privileged to meet Mr Kibabu himself. Also the return was easy. And in between we were able to get some needed advice very rapidly via WhatApp.
The car was very good and reliable. For those renting in Africa for the first time, do NOT look at the age, bodywork or interior of the car. In the end, that is not what gets you from A to B.
I have no doubt in my mind: our next time in Zanzibar we will rent here again.

Sablod (Belgium) · 11/2016

My experience with Kibabu Cars is more than positive.

They were recommended by a friend and I knew everything will be smooth and without problems. And it was.
I am impressed the team answered very quickly to my messages at any time I had questions. All necessary permissions, registrations and papers were
correct and I had no problems with the policemen on the island. The car was well maintained, I was even upgraded with bigger one, but came with almost
empty tank as it is written in their contract. Wish I didn't miss to ask for a full tank. They could think to offer this as additional service, because I spent about half an hour in an unexpected traffic jam and was worried all the time if there is a gas station nearby.
A very minor negative: I was asked to pay 50% deposit via bank transfer/Western Union, which I was not happy with because of the bank taxes. They assured me they work on excepting card payments soon.
Next time I visit Zanzibar I would be happy to use Kibabu Cars again for sure...

Biser H. (Bulgaria) · 11/2016

I was very happy with everything and I hope to use your services again next time I am in Zanzibar.

I used Kibabu Cars for a 4-day holiday in September. I was late to come out of the airport, probably the last one to leave the arrivals area as they lost my luggage. Kibabu's colleague was outside waiting for me. I was aggravated enough already because of the baggage ordeal and it was late so I forgot to do all the checks which the forums warn about - driving permit, insurance, car condition, etc. I just took the keys and handed the guy $100 in cash as a deposit. I was a bit uneasy about this, but it was in the conditions to which I had agreed.
As a white driver in Zanzibar, I was stopped at every single checkpoint on the island and the police would look at everything possible. I must have been stopped about 12 times during my stay there and they never found anything wrong with the car or the papers. Everything went smoothly. On my return of the vehicle at night at the airport, I met the same colleague of Kibabu who had given me the keys. He had a quick look at the car and was quick to hand back to me what appeared to be the same new dollar bills I had given him.
Overall, everything was fine and I am happy to have used Kibabu and would gladly do so again next time I am in Zanzibar. His price was reasonable, all documents were in order, his employee was punctual with the appointments and the car itself, despite old, was in good condition and was running smoothly.

Hristo (Bulgaria) · 11/2016

Reliable, on time, good service. Jean-Marc L. France

Jean-Marc L. (France) · 10/2016

Thanks again for the great service!

Everything was perfect. I had no problems with the car and the communication was great.
I will definitely come back!

Hans A. (Belgium) · 10/2016
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