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Your partner for reliable long and short term car rentals in Zanzibar.

Kibabu Cars Zanzibar is a young and highly professional car hire company located in Stone Town.

We offer a diverse portfolio of cars; all our cars are regularly serviced and in excellent condition. Our prices include insurance, taxes, unlimited mileage and a free breakdown service.

Our rental days are 24 hour days. The calculation on this website works on calendar days since only the dates are entered, not the times of pickup and dropoff. 


Free delivery of rental cars to the airport, ferry port or anywhere else in Stone Town, 24/7.

Deposit payments can be made by credit card, PayPal or bank account transfer via DirectPay online.

Kibabu Cars Zanzibar is well known for providing the most reliable cars at competitive prices and for the best service on Zanzibar. Please check out our Customer Reviews below for testimonials of our very satisfied clients from all over the world.

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Customer Reviews

I am very happy with the service and vehicle

My experience with Kibabu was excellent. I got the RAV4, and it was in
very good condition. The company brought the car to me at my hotel in Stone Town, and picked it up at the airport. They explained a little bit about the local police, though probably should have warned about the fake cops. Not my first rodeo so I of course didn't pay, but it's kind of an awkward situation if you've never been in it before.
Anyway, I would recommend Kibabu to anybody looking for a safe, reliable rental while in Zanzibar.
Cheers, and thank you,
Joshua O(Canada)

It was a pleasure doing business with you. No wondwr, that you guys have such good reviews. That was the main reason that i rented from you. The car was great, i took care of your car the same as i do for my car. I will definitely give you 5* when i come back to Canada.P.S. Zanzibar is beautifull, except the police and a few people.
Aurel G (Canada)

Your service was very good and I would recommend you. Catherine O (UK)

Kibabu Cars were a great choice. From the accurate delivery and pick up times, convenience, car state, value and general helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, everything was on point! thank you for making our stay in Zanzibar stress free!Mohamed M(Egypt)

Hallo, we were very satisfied with your hire Kibabu cars . Thank you very much .Chmelík J(Czech)

We truly enjoyed our 2 weeks holiday on your beautiful and friendly island Zanzibar. We were very satisfied with your car rental service. Perfect service with deliverance in Stone Town and drop of at the airport. Car was old, but reasonable price and in good condition. Everything worked fine. We will be happy to take advantage of your car rental service again when we hopefully will return to Zanzibar in the future. Keep up the good work!Lars O(Denmark)

Joshua O,Aurel G,Catherine O,Mohamed M,Chmelik J,Lars O (Canada,Canada,UK,Egypt,Czech,Denmark) · 02/2019

I had the pleasure of hiring a car from Kibabu Cars in Zanzibar

Everything went smooth. From booking the car online, the payment, picking up the car, driving around (no problems experienced with the car, it drove like a dream) and the drop-off. (Thank goodness for the Aircon in the car) Mr Kibabu was only a phone call away if anything would've happened. They even sorted out all the insurance, made sure all the car's papers was in order, and organized the Travel Permit for me. What a pleasure doing business with Kibabu Cars. I've recommended them wherever I went. Thank you guys for everything, including the guys handling the Drop Off and the Pick Up. You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work. Hope to see you again real soon!
Gerhard McD, South Africa


Thank you very much again for your service and offer.
We found that driving on Zanzibar is fun but challenge for new driver coming from abroad.
However, Kibabu Cars help us a lot with warm reception at the airport, detailed instructions for all situations and willingness to help us at any time. Fortunately, it's a frigging friendly country and cars from KC are impeccable enough to never need any help and can fully enjoy our holidays.


We would highly recommend Kibabu.
We had a great holiday in Zanzibar December into January 2019. Transfers to our hotel were arranged with Kibabu. We also hired a car for two days which was delivered to our hotel by Kibabu. Great service received in all respects, pick ups on time, licenses in order and last minute changes all efficiently accommodated.
Thank you Farhat and team!
Ingrid H., South Africa


Rented the car from 25 December 2018 to 01 January 2019....Excellent response when inquiring and booking the car, and quick pick up and drop off procedure. Car was old but being a Toyota I had no doubts about its reliability. Island roads are terrible and this little car takes them in its stride. Wont hesitate to use (and recommend) Kibabu again.
Yunus K., South Africa


Another good experience with Kibabu cars ! Vehicle in good running condition, all papers were in order (which is useful with the amount of police around...). Next time, we will make sure to agree on a meeting point for the car return, as finding your representative can be a little tricky at Zanzibar airport. Will definitely work with you next time !
Geneviève, Tanzania Travels Switzerland

Gerhard McD, Andrej, Ingrid, Yunus, Geneviève (South Africa, Switzerland, ) · 01/2019

The organization of the rental process was perfect.

When we arrived we were already welcomed and escorted to the car. When departing there was also already someone waiting for us although we were too early. Everyone we had contact to was very polite, friendly and professional!
The car itself was in a very good condition which is quite essential on Zanzibar‘s roads. It was fun to discover the island this way together with our children. The car never made any trouble. When you see other cars with exploding tires in front of you, you know that this is not a self-evidence with the general road conditions.
We went into many police controls. With the local driving permit organized by Kibabu Car and the car itself we had never a problem. The police was also always very polite and professional. We never had to pay anything.
Before I came to Zanzibar, I often read in blogs and reviews that it‘s not recommended to drive on your own there. With the experience I have with Kibabu and the Island itself, I can not share this warning. We always felt safe and it was the best way to discover everything and travel on Zanzibar, even with children. Of course it is a little bit harder to drive on real dark roads at night, but everyone is driving carefully and you can just slow down if you feel uncomfortable. The police checks the cars and lights at many placed. So it‘s not more dangerous than driving anywhere else.
Oliver E. (Germany)


We were totally happy with Kibabu Cars. Booking was pretty straightforward and pick-up/drop-off without any surprises. Prompt communications and friendly staff at the airport was a big plus. The car was in good condition and clean when we picked it up. Driving in Zanzibar is not as difficult as many reviews suggest, but requires attention and slow driving in some areas to be on the safe side. Police checks are focused more on local vans/buses than private cars, so no worries there either. Zanzibar is a very beautiful island; renting a car to explore is definitely a must!"
Thomas K. (Greece)


Simply the best! People don't waste time searching for rental car company on Zanzibar - simply choose Kibabu Cars... Our experience with this company was perfect and we would highly recommend Kibabu Cars
Goran (Croatia)


I booked with Kibabu cars, the situation of the car was fine, and the communication before the booking, during the handover and when we asked to change the date of the return , was really easy.
if I travel again to Zanzibar I will book car again form the same office
Chris A. (Greece)


Our experience with Kibabu Cars was great! The staff was very kind and the car that we rented (Toyota Rav4) was pretty good maintained. We can recommend Kibabu Cars to anyone who comes to Zanzibar!
Aleksandar V. (Serbia)


Thank you for your excellent service. The car was great and the delivery/pick-up to the hotel worked perfectly. I have deactivated my facebook account. Therefore, I cannot post my comments on your facebook page. Sorry.
Martin Sch.


Hello, We have been very happy in Zanzibar ; roads are a bit tough, but if you go "Pole pole", everything will be fine ! Kibabu cars have been reliable, and did show up at the airport in the middle of the night to get their Noah van back, in time for our flight. Trust them as we did, you won't regret your decision. Thank you all !!
French family Leroy

Oliver E., Thomas K., Goran, Chris A., Aleksandar V., Martin Sch., Leroy (Germany, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, France) · 12/2018
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