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Very good experience at Kibabu cars

The simplicity of contract, speedy response and flexibility leaves me wondering why we don't have Kibabu as an option everywhere instead of the big old rental companies. The drop-off and pick-up of the car at our house was very convenient, car was good and price was fair. I recommend Kibabu Rental Cars.Jon T(Danish)


We rented twice with them on our holiday and we couldn't have had a better experience (except for one thing -- read on). The cars were in excellent shape (for Zanzibar) and the flexible drop off and pick up was wonderful. They met us at the airport, and when we needed to go to Stonetown we met them there to return the car. I loved doing all of the paperwork from home and digitally signing it so when we got there they just handed us the keys -- that was amazing -- including the required tourist driving licenses.You provide a great service, I hope your business thrives! BEVIN C(U.S.A)


The car was perfect. No problem at all. The reception and return was excelent. Kind regards Francisco C


The service provided by Kibabu cars was exceptional. Although our flight was delayed, upon arrival the agent was waiting for us and showed us the car as well as a map with instructions on how to get to our hotel. The car was clean and reliable and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was easy to communicate with Kibabu via WhatsApp and we met the agent again upon return to the airport so overall no issues. If I return to Zanzibar, I would definitely use Kibabu again and also recommend it to all my friends and family. I would also recommend that tourists should hire cars rather than use taxis because overall does work out cheaper and you get to see much more of the beautiful country. Thank you for all your help.Kind Regards, Arif S(British)


overall I was very pleased with the car and the services. In case of mechanical problem on the car, replacement car was brough very quickly (within 1 hour) to the surroundings of the Stone City and we had meanwhile pleasant time playing checkers with local "professionals" who were much better than my son and myself. I would not hesitate to use Kibabu on next visit and it would be my obvious choice, Petr H(Czech)

Jon T,Bevin C,Francisco C,Arif S,Petr H (Danish,USA,Argentina,British,Czech) · 01/2018

we really had an amazing vacation in Zanzibar

and it was the best opportunity to rent your car. With the car we visited the whole island and could learn more about the life of the locals. We arrived at 02 o clock in the night and we really were suprised that we could pick up after landing the car. :) All paperwork was already done and we could leave from the airport after 10min. Amazing service, precisley on timeand next time we would choose again Kibabu Cars because the service was top, the car was in good condition. All what we agreed before we arrived in Sansibar was respected.
Thanks Farhat for your service
Sandra und Anita(Austria)


Best service ever.clean interior and well maintained. so smooth on roads and well air conditioned. Pickup and drop off at zanzibar airport on time. Good staff and all documents proper.No hidden charges too. Well satisfied with their service. Thanks Kibabu.Linesh K(India)


As a travel agent I work with a lot of different companies in the world and I can say it was a plesure working ith you. You have been very supportive and understanding – having in mind my client are a bit tough.
Thank you for your time and looking forward to working with you in the future!

Sandra und Anita,Linesh K,Ani M (Austria,India,Bulgaria) · 12/2017

Can’t recommend Kibabu cars enough!

Everything was super easy and efficient in a comfortable car.
Would recommend using 100%
Kind regards, Dario (British)


Kind Regards,GOPAL T (Zambia)


Perfect service: Transportation to the hotels; perfect deliverance; German speaking guide for Stone Town Car very reliable "Budget Car"; very good technical condition of the car. Good price.
We certainly would use KIBABU Cars again. we miss Zanzibar
PS. The blog on your homepage about Zanzibar was very helpful for us. Thank you.
Dr. Michael M(German)


I would like to reccoment Kibabu cars to anyone who comes to Zanzibar driving gives you many opportunities in this island and we took a toyota rav 4 - the car was new in excellent condition, we were met at our hotel by the owner himself an procedure was very quick a week later we gave it back at the airport. the prices are relatively cheap too. all in all this was a very good experience
Yuval D,( Israel )


Kibabu cars was a pleasant surprize. Simple and unfussy handing over,friendly and accommodating, prompt services. Thanks for contributing to a lovely experience.
Best regards, Stoleru V (Roman)

Dario S, Gopal T,Michael M, Yuval D,Stoleru V (British,Zambia,German,Israel,Roman) · 11/2017

We were very satisfied with the car.

It was in very good condition and we had no problems.
We used it through out whole island of Zanzibar.
Good condition of the car is also verified by other people in hotels where they asked as about rent a car agency.
We kindly recommend it.
Marija R. (Serbia)


We had a wonderful vacation on Zanzibar and enjoyed a lot that we could explore the island with one of your cars.
Everything worked out very well - from the Airport pickup (we appreciated a lot that you offered to pick us up from the Airport although we have rented the Car only a few days later) until the car handover. No technical issues at all and even when we had a problem getting fuel we could reach you by phone and got helpful advice.
Thanks again for the good service - we would definitely recommend you if one of our friends would go to Zanzibar.
All the best & Kind Regards, Cosima & Jan H. (Germany)


We had a wonderful time in Zanzibar and that was truly made possible due to kibabu. We could move any where at our convenience because of the availability of your car.
May we request you to consider for new vintage cars, if possible.
Thanks, Col N.(India)

We rent a car at Kibabu twice this year, first in February and second in September. At both times we get very clean and from all aspects good car. Second time we ask for petrol fill up and it was done at our arrival. Our plane have ben delayed for two hours (I send the message from Dubai, that we will be late) and guy from Kibabu wait for us, until we came. Also when we leave the car back it was 5 minutes work, and everything was perfect. I can really recommended that company! Of course we will be back to Zanzibar, probably at February next year.
Best regards,Jurij B.(Slovenia)


WE loved Kibabu Cars and would totally recommend the company.The car was delivered at the airport and picked up there as promised. I dropped my drivers license in the car park and Kibabu picked it up and delivered it to me in Stone Town.The car is interesting as cars in Zanzibar are definitely well used so you cannot expect a sparkling new car but that is part of the Zanzibar experience. The car worked well and was fun to drive. I would totally recommend driving in Zanzibar as it is a small place but slow getting around due to the roads, type and number of different vehicles. However renting a car is a great way to get to know Zanzibar and visit more places on the island. Having a car avoids waiting for taxis or shuttles and these can add up as the roads are slow. Driving there is fun and an experience.Everyone is very helpful, even the police, so do rent a car with Kibabu cars and enjoy the freedom of learning about the island on your own time.
Best Regards, Sibylla.(Canada)


The car ( RAV 4 WD) was in good conditions and the perfekt car for Zanzibar roads – even fort he bad ones.
Thanks for your good service –including being very flexible and absolut correct.
Even the giving back on an earlier time worked perfekt.
Thanks to you and your team.
Best regards , Jakob E. (Austria)


Just want to say a big Thank You to you and Kibabu for all your help last week. The car was perfect for us and your service and warm smiles made the trip all the more special. Hope to see you again one day.
Our best regards,Nigel & Jayne (UK)


thank you for the services given by Kibabu Cars. The rented car was delivered to the hotel on time. During the rental time we had no problems with the car. On the day of departure we were timely met at the airport so that we could duly hand over the car to a representative of Kibabu Cars. The rental prices were reasonable.
Continue doing it so well.
Best regards, Matthias Z, (Germany)

Marija R, Cosima & Jan H, Col N,Jurij B,Sibylla,Jakob E, Nigel & Jayne,Matthias Z, (Serbia, Germany,India,Slovenia,Canada, Austria,UK,Germany) · 10/2017

We had amazing time on Zanzibar!

It would be way less exciting and adventurous if we haven't rent a car. We found the best recommendations for Kibabu car rental on Trip Advisor so we decided to contact him.
Before him, we googled few car rentals Zanzibar, but they answered with very few information or didnt answered at all. When we contacted Kibabu, we got the answer the same day with all the info we need. He prepared Zanzibar's temporary driving licence which was waiting for me at the airport together with map of Zanzibar. Car was clean and safe and didn't had a slightest problem for all 14 days of our stay. Everything was as we arranges trough emails. He was waiting us at the airport on our departure to take the car back and to return taken deposit.
All recommendations for everyone who wants to rent a car in Zanzibar.
Jovana and Vuk R., Serbia.


We had a wonderful time in Zanzibar and hope to come back soon. Our experience with Kibabu cars was positive. The delivery and collection times were right on time; my Zanzibar driving permit was all sorted and our Toyota RAV4, all wheel drive vehicle, gave us superb service with no issues whatsoever.
A late request to extend the hire time by a further day was met with good attitude and the balance owing was simply deducted from the initial deposit paid. No unnecessary paperwork needed.
I had no issues with this but one item that could possibly become contentious, is that there is no formal record/documentation of scratches and bumps on the car upon delivery or consolidation of these or return at the end of the hire period.
We will use Kibabu again in the future and can recommend others use their service.
Asante Sana.
Ierfaan W. and Holiday crew from South Africa.

Comment of Kibabu Cars Zanzibar:
Rental cars on Zanzibar are in average between 10 - 15 years old. They all have scratches and bumps of course. Renting a car on a small tropical island is not comparable with a Western city where you'd get a new car and recording of a few scratches or bumps is easy.
Looking forward to seeing you again on our beautiful island.
Karibu sana


I was totally satisfied from Kibabu Cars. The car was in an excellent condition. When we had a flat tire, their response was very fast. I know that in my next trip there, i will definitely rent a car from Kibabu Cars. Highly recommendable!
Giannis/Rumpina (via facebook)


Landing in Zanzibar and leaving the airport looking for a sign always we were a little bit unsure. Leaving the terminal, there was someone from Kibabu with our names. Warm welcome and all smiled. Car Toyota Noah was ready on the parking, clean and ok. Keys and documents were ready and in 5 min we were off. Communication before via email and during our stay was very fast and fluent. Thank you for helping us enjoying Zanzibar. We see you again next time
Jan D., Belgium

Jovana & Vuk R., Ieerfaan W., Giannis/Rumpina, Jan D. (Serbia, South Africa, Greece, Belgium) · 09/2017

It was one of the best holidays of my life

and I will definitely go back again and if I do I will not hesitate to rent a car from you guys again. Everything was in order and the car was
perfect no troubles. And when I asked to keep it for 3 more days there was no problem. For anyone reading this if you are going to zanzibar
rent a car from kibabu cars the island has more to offer then a all inclusive hotel and the taxi will be much more expensive. Thanks to
kibabu cars was awesome.
Regards PJ S. (Dubai)


Thank you for service and care. Everything worked smoothly - you were perfect.
Jan :)


Our experience has been very positive with Kibabu Cars. The pick up of the vehicle at the airport was very punctual and helped us very kindly with directions to get to our first destination. The delivery of the vehicle was perfect also as they came to look for the place where we were and took us to the hotel. The attention of both people was very kind and we thank you.
As a negative aspect we ask that they better check the condition of the vehicle upon delivery. The spare wheel was broken. We had a puncture and luckily we managed to find a workshop to fix it, but if it had been something else we could not have changed the wheel for the spare (and we would have lost a lot of time) and for an emergency it is important to have another wheel in good condition .
A greeting and thanks for your attention and kindness. Do not hesitate to recommend them in the future.
Pablo J.S.F. (Spain)

Comment from Kibabu Cars:
Thank you for your great feedback. We are sorry to hear about the broken spare wheel, this should indeed not have happened. We do check our cars before they are delivered. Unfortunately some clients don't report back that they had to use the spare wheel, which is no excuse of course, this was obviously overlooked during our checks. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for reporting the broken spare wheel to us.
We do our best to be as professional as possible and therefore highly appreciate such feedback. That way we can fix loop holes in our system.

Petrus / Jan / Pablo () · 08/2017

We loved our journey at Zanzibar.

Everything was wonderful. Especially the day when we rented a car to discover the Island. The car was perfect, and Kibabu helped us with everything, they contributed for our trip to be even better. I highly recommend for everyone to do the same.
Thanks, Pedro G. (Portugal)


I highly recommend Kibabu Rent a Car at Zanzibar. The person was waiting for us when arriving to the airport with the driver license for Zanzíbar. The car was in good conditions and they accompany us to charge fuel. When returning the car, it was a simple process. The service was good.
Thank you Kibabu Team.
Andres B. (Spain)


Very reliable service from Kibabu cars. We hired a Suzuki 5 door 4 by 4 for a week in Zanzibar and the car gave us just what we needed on those bumpy roads.
Would highly recommend them!
Joe B. (UK)

Pedro / Andres / Joe (Portugal / Spain / UK) · 07/2017

Kibabu Cars' service was really excellent.

The pick up and return of the car was uncomplicated and everything went smooth. Flexible changes of timetable or place regarding the return of the car are no problem at all - hakuna matata! The car was good and all documents were provided at the beginning. No car break downs and no problems during occasional police stops. I can highly recommend Kibabu Cars for your stay in Zanzibar!
Fabian M. (Austria)


Driving in Zanzibar is at first challenging, but a good experience. Team Kibabu helped to make my travel a success. They were efficient from beginning to end. The car was fine. All papers were obviously in order because I never had a problem with the police roadblocks and was quickly waved through after swapping greetings. The map provided by Team Kibabu is not adequate to find your way around. I suggest loading maps onto your phone before travelling.
Richard B. (South Africa)
Comment of Kibabu Cars: Thank you for your feedback. As mentioned on our booking confirmation, only basic maps are available on Zanzibar and that we suggest to use Google Maps which also works offline.


My experience with Kibabu Cars was excellent, no problems at all. Guy from Kibabu Cars was waiting for ma at the airport and I got even better car than I ordered (for the same price). It was fully insured and in good condition. I encountered several police controls, all of them went smooth because car and its papers met all the requirements. The last day car was collected from my hotel. Zanzibar is beautiful place and if you want to experience the freedom of going anywhere at any time Kibabu Cars is definitely my recommendation.
Tomas V. (Slovakia)

Fabian, Richard, Tomas (Austria, South Africa, Slovakia) · 06/2017

Friendly and timely service

answering any questions we had upfront, great value for money and great car! I highly recommend kibabu cars if you are going to rent a car in Zanzibar! I will definately rent from them again.
Frank de H. (Holland)

I only can recommend Kibabu cars! We rented 2 Toyota RAV4 for one week in may! The kibabu guys waited at the respective place as we arrived at stone town. Everything worked fine! Thank you so much again!
Best regards!
Tim S. (Switzerland)

We've had a Toyota Harrier from Kibabu for a week. Can only recommend those guys, everything was smooth.
Viacheslav K. (Ukraine)

via our facebook page (misc) · 06/2017

We can't recommend Kibabu highly enough

My wife and I recently enjoyed a brilliant two week holiday in
Zanzibar driving around the beautiful Island and staying at five
different locations.
We hired a Toyota RAV4 from Kibabu Cars and it was perfect for the job
even though we embarked on our adventure in the rainy season.
Kibabu Cars service was impeccable and the vehicle well maintained,
spotlessly clean and didn't miss a beat.
Kibabu were waiting at the airport on arrival with all correct paperwork
and collected from our final hotel as promised. again, on time and all
with a smile.
We can't recommend Kibabu highly enough and think that renting a vehicle
from Kibabu and getting out and about in Zanzibar has to be the best way
to enjoy this amazing island
Adam & Jo T. (UK)


No problems whatsoever!
Thank you!
Kind regards
Bata S. (South Africa)

misc (UK / South Africa) · 05/2017

In short, our experience with you has been excellent.

I will be delighted to post a comment on your Facebook page.
The vehicle your provided to us was a very good quality used car, which did not cause us any mechanical concerns.
The pricing of the vehicle was very reasonable.
The support in obtaining the temporary driving permit was extremely welcome.
Your overall management and responsiveness , and the friendly attitude of your staff, made our travel experience very enjoyable.
We would definitely reach out to you on a future visit to Zanzibar.

Massimo Z. (USA) · 05/2017

Thanks for excellent car and great service!!!

We rent Toyota RAV4 for one week. Even the car was not new it was in perfect state and we have no issues with it. Driving in normal road and off road was absolutely flawless. Kibabu himself is very nice and friendly guy helping you with all your needs. We have great experience and I'm sure we will use Kibabu cars in our next Zanzibar visit. Highly recommended :)
Ariel L. (Israel)
via our facebook page


I was completely satisfied, car was great, handover was quick, thanks, anytime again!
Cheers Philipp (Rwanda)

via our facebook page/misc (misc) · 04/2017

thank you for the great review

The World in a Weekend () · 03/2017

Really professional and best of all easy.

We were staying in Nungwi at the very top of the island, all transfers to and from our hotel seemed expensive.
We arranged our transfer with Kibabu (best price) and also organised a hire car to be delivered to our hotel half way through our trip. There is economic sense here as the Kibabu team were happy to deliver, but also happy for us to return the car to the airport when we were flying back to Kenya. The daily hire rate is so fair, that this actually was a really cost effective way to not only transfer but spend a few days around the island.
Transfer was great, nice car, friendly driver.
We hired a Rav 4, it was a nice car, air con worked and it went really nicely, we covered most of the island ourselves, visiting Stone Town, Jozani Forest and the villages.
We were stopped a few times by the police, but once they saw we were with Kibabu and all the papers were correct, we were allowed to move on quickly with no hassle each time.
The Kibabu team made things very easy and I not only felt safe in the car, but happy in all the dealings we had, all fast and efficient.
We will be back to Zanzibar very soon and we will be using Kibabu cars to underpin the trip.

Robert L. (UK) · 03/2017

I recommend them a lot!

We rented a car from Kibabu Cars. After a miscommunications with other rental company (which has cheapest car for 5$ cheaper), I made the reservation in
“5” minutes only two days before arrival. I reserve cheapest 3 door Suzuki for 30$ a day, but they freely upgrade me for 5 door car. I also get for additional 10$, Zanzibars foreigners driving permit – which is in fact just statement that you have your local driving permit. This is must have, because we were stopped few times every day – but always without any problems
Car was clean and everything works fine – especially A/C which is must have! We do about 550 km and spend little less than 10 litres on 100 km.
We get and leave car on Airport, and everything was done in 15 minutes.
I recommended them a lot!

Jurij (Slovenia) · 03/2017

First of all - Great Service!

We rented 7 seater Toyota for 10 days, for family trip.
Very professional and very flexible!
They delivered car to certain place and picked it up from other place in late evening exactly as we needed.
Our car condition was very good (in African standards)
What is the most important - AC was extra effective!
I can highly recommend this rental company!
Tomasz O. (Poland)

I have visited Zanzibar in beginning of March-17. Kibabu representative (Mr. Nasar) met me in airport show the car (Toyota RAV4) and explained everything. The car was in very good condition and clean. Kibabu representative assisted me with exchange money, refueling the car and getting local SIM card. I have driven around island and I have nothing to complain at all
I had only good experiences with Kibabu and I will highly recommend Kibabu for my friends.
Thank you KIBABU!
Sergiy G. (Ukraine)

We rented two Suzuki Escudo for 8 Days. Excellent service (delivery at the airport, pick-up at the airport), great people.
Great cars (very good conditions) with a very effective AC (it was blowing cold air as soon as you turned on the engine).
Catalin A. (Romania)

Via our facebook page () · 03/2017
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