Customer Reviews

Excellent service with easy pickup and return at airport

Highly recommend. We rented a car for 7 days without any issues what so ever. Kibabu contacted us by whatsapp immediately after we reserved the car. Getting a personal message from the guys made us really
comfortable heading towards our adventures. Car was full of dents but
it worked well for our purpose.
Best regards, Peter K (Finland)

I wanted to thank you very much for the easy experience that was renting a car in Zanzibar with Kibabu Cars.Farhat was amazing and very responsive along all the process and the car was also very nice.Best regards,Luis & Ana(Columbia)

Good booking procedure with fast response on enquiry. Very good value for money ratio with unlimited kilometers included in the rental. Only to recommend! Thank you and best regards, Nikolas K(Greek)

I am always a bit apprehensive when renting abroad from a local company. With Kibabu cars I needn't have worried.From the initial emails from Farhat to the return of the car (a RAV4) they were just perfect.My car was old but well kept and this is vital on Zanzibar as I must have passed over ten (!!) police checks and stopped only once. As everything was in order there were no issues. Be careful with this! Kibabu is for sure recommended. You will find them easy and very fair to deal with.Sean C (Ireland)

Our experience with Kibabu Cars was very positive. Both the booking process and the pick-up/drop-off were swift and flexible.The Rav4 is a very nice and comfortable car. The fact that Kibabu organizes the local drivers permit is a great added service.We would definitely use Kibabu Cars again if we revisit Zanzibar in the future.Heleen L(SA)

Kibabu Cars were great! The vehicle was in perfect condition and it took us around the island throughout our vacations.The team was very professional and provided us all the required documentation and instructions to have a perfect trip.Andres V(Columbia)

We were pleased with Kibabu Cars, specifically:
* Convenience afforded us at the arrivals carpark for domestic &civil aviation
* Details available online and (eventually*) in person at pick-up
* General condition & cleanliness of our Rav-4
* Ease in obtaining the Zanzibar driving permit
* Kibabu's VERY handy & informative road map. Mark W(USA)

Perfect service! 100% satisfied from the support and help. Car was new, good condition! I would happily recommend it to anyone interested in renting a car in Zanzibar! Last but not least, no problem with the policemen at all! Aris S (Greece)

Peter K,Luis&Ana,Nikolas K,Sean C,Heleen L,Mark W,Aris S (Finland,Columbia,Greek,Ireland,SA,Columbia,USA,Greece) · 12/2019

Kibabu Cars is the most amazing car rental company

Service was great .Timely pick up and drop off, and we also received valuable information on driving to Zanzibar.The cars are pretty old and not in prime condition, but when you arrive in Zanzibar, you'll see that they are exactly what you need.I am very satisfied and I would highly recommend it.Vasilios C(Greek)

The car provided was a Toyota RAV 4 (2 doors) and it was the best choice for the island. The roads are tricky with a lot of holes and a lot of country roads,so a car like that is the best choice, otherwise you will probably get stuck or break the car.The staff was very friendly and more than helpful. They explained us a lot when giving the car, they gave us a map and answered all our questions.The car was not a new one, and had some scratches, but that's not a problem, the car's condition was very good.The battery drained out once and they came within 30 mins to recharge it, that was the only problem but apart from that their service was amazing.I definitely recommend Kibabu cars.Kind regards,Alexantr P(Greek)

We rented with Kibabu Cars . They were well on time meeting us at the airport and gave us the licences and the keys. The car had ~5L of gas which had been agreed before. We did not refuel it straightaway and rather drove to the hotel nearby, The car worked fine and was comfortable enough for the two of us. We handed in the keys at the same parking where they were waiting for us.All in all, I can recommend renting with Kibabu.Andrey P(Russian)

I recommend Kibabu. The delivery of the car was on time and Ismael was very kind. It’s easy to use whatsap to keep contact. The car was clean, in good condition, the air condition worked perfectly. The price was in a good value. Don’t hesitate to choose this company. Thibaut L (Belgium)

Vasilios C,Alexantr P,Andrey P,Thibaut L (Greek,Greek,Russian,Belgium) · 11/2019

Great experience with Kibabu

Great experience with Kibabu.
We rented a car for 10 days and everything was ok. The car was in good condition and every problem was solved promptly.Thanks to Kibabu for their patience and availability, we stayed very well in Zanzibar. Our Zanzibar host suggested us Kibabu and we are glad to suggest the same in this review.”Jael M.(Italy)

I would like to thank Kibabu Cars for handling everything professionally. Ordering process was smooth as was pick-up and drop off. We received valuable tips on driving on Zanzibar from staff member. We can highly recommend this car hire agency With pleasure and from our harts..Regards ,Maciej S.(Polish)

Excellent all around service. Good booking procedure.We were met at the airport and all the paperwork was sorted out with minimal fuss. Car was fine, not new but that's usual in Zanzibar - it drove really well - no issues at all.We were stopped by the police on our first journey - a quick call to Kibabu sorted it out.Met at the airport on return - great service!Advice: Google maps does work (download map for off line use) but sometimes the roads don't exist as marked! Also, try to avoid driving after dark - we drove to the airport in the dark and there's people everywhere and no street lighting!!!Andrew B.(British)

We had a great experience with Kibabu cars including a smooth booking process, and a smooth delivery of the car. All my requests have been agreed upon and this was greatly appreciated.At the end of the rental period, the car was eventually collected from our hotel in Jambiani (as per our original booking), and this also went relatively smoothly.We will definitely book from Kibabu next time we visit Zanzibar.Valerie L.(French)

First of all a little word of warning: driving in Zanzibar is not really for the weak-hearted. Roads are often in bad condition and cops apply very strict rules when it comes to tourists. That being said, if you consider yourself adventurous enough to try, definitely choose KIBABU as your car rental company. Although our flight arrived about 40 minutes early, staff was waiting for us at the terminal and swiftly guided us to our car. We received an extensive explanation about some important traffic rules and were assured that if any problems should occur, we could always call/whatsapp/text for assistance. Also: all information on the site is correct: The map we received was a bit basic, but that is mentioned on their site, so we came prepared. The car was definitely not new (which is also mentioned on the site) but truly in good condition and we were even surprised about its performance on the bad and sometimes very muddy roads. Return was as smooth as pick up: a quick whatsapp message and some 20 minutes later, the car was picked up by KIBABU staff at our hotel in Stone Town. In short: a very professional and friendly approach, I definitely recommend! Kind regards, Emma T.(Belgium)

Jael M,Maciej S,Andrew B,Valerie L,Emma T (Italy,Polish,British,French,Belgium) · 10/2019

Kibabu cars is very professional and helpful

We had an awesome experience in Zanzibar. Good service and good car condition.Hope to come again one day.Matteo and Daniel

We have used the car rental service of KibabuCars. A Toyota Rav4 was supplied to us. The service was perfect and impeccable. We found the car in front of the airport square and,on the way back, we returned it to the same place at 5 am. The kibabu Cars staff gave us the temporary driving permit and everything went perfectly. The car was in good condition and allowed us to turn the whole island along rough roads. The price paid was honest. If we go back to Zanzibar we will definitely turn to him again .Massimo C(Italy)

Thank you very much. I've traveled 53 countries, and you were the easiest and best car rental company I've experience.Joseph H(America)

Thank you for the car hire in Zanzibar, the car was just what we needed, it fulfilled all our needs.The driver who dropped the car off and met us at the airport on our return was very helpful and showed us where to get fuel and put us on the road to get out of Zanzibar City.I would certainly use Kibabu Cars again.Regards,Jonathan C(British)

Everything was perfect! The pick up and the delivery of the car, also the license. The car was in good condition, very thing worked fine!! Thank you!Best regards,Anna J(German)

Great service, great experience! Do not hesitate. If you go to Zanzibar and you need a car, you must contact them. Thanks againf for all your service
Best regards, Joaquim L(Spain)

Massimo C,Joseph H,Jonathan C,Anna J.Matteo&Daniel,Joaquim L (Italy,America,British,German,Spain) · 09/2019

We had a great time in Zanzibar and we want to come back

Thanks again for a really good rental car service on Sansibar! Being personally picked up at 3 o´clock in the morning from such friendly and relaxed staff was a really good start for our holiday on Sansibar.After breaking down with the car I was impressed how fast your staff did bring a replacement to our hotel so we hardly felt any stress at all.Thanks for handling everything fair and nicely.Kilian F (German).

In most travel forums and recommendations on Zanzibar, it is suggested not to rent a car in Zanzibar.On the one hand, they present the traffic as very difficult, the police that bothers with the objective of raising money and the lack of serious car companies.With this background, we also encourage you to rent a car for 9 days with KIBABUS. What to say? That has been a very good experience. The coumunicacion by mail with Farhat and by wasap was clarisisma from the first moment. All clear. No surprise Its people wait for us at the airport upon arrival and we deliver it to the same place.One day, we had a problem with the car battery and in a little over an hour they came to help us (we were on a beach away from Stone Town). And they directly replaced the car with another one at the same time. Police? They stopped us sometimes (two or three), with all the kindness of the world. The traffic? A bit chaotic in stone town, but nothing serious. In short, it is a good idea to rent a car if you want to know the island, and Kibabus offers a good service to do so. I would repeat with them. Javier(Argentina)

Thanks for your service, everything was great.Maksim A(Belarvs)

From our side we were very pleased with the car and service.We did have an issue with the car but that was quickly resolved.Erwin V(Belgium)

And yes KIBABU was great and we recommend you.Best regards,Andreas B(Austria)

We rented a Rav4 for a week in Zanzibar, the experience could be better. They gave us the car in perfect condition, they were very friendly, they gave us all the necessary instructions and a map where they indicated the points of interest on the island.The delivery of the vehicle was simple and fast, they were waiting for us upon arrival at the airport.We have no doubt that we will return to Zanzibar and, of course, we have the help of our friends from Kibabu.Victor C(Spain)

We've rented a Toyota RAV 4 - 3 doors car for 5 days in Zanzibar. We made the arrangement before we arrive to Zanzibar. The car was delivered on-time. We were in touch with Farhat all the time, she was responding quickly to our each query. As all the cars in Zanzibar, the car was a bit old, 2003 model but it was well maintained and working well. Even in some hotels we stayed, they loved our car and commenting like it is a good car.When we were getting gas from the station, the gas station employee was not careful and damaged the gas tank cover. Kibabu didn't make this damage as a problem and didn't charge extra for this damage.I would recommend Kibabu for your car rentals.Best Regards,Serhat G(Turkish)

Kilian F,Javier,Maksim A,Erwin V,Andreas B,Victor C,Serhat G. (German,Argentina,Belarvs,Belgium,Austria,Spain,Turkish.) · 08/2019

Thank you for the good service we received from Kibakucars

We were impressed with the change of cars and how fast the response was after we reported that we had some problems with the one we initially rented. We can recommend Kibakucars to anyone wishing to rent a car in Zanzibar. Best regards,Deon F (SA)

We had a great time on Zanzibar, we had a good expiriance with Kibabu Cars. We had some issues with a rental car and the boss delivered another car for us in just one hour. So everything was great, 5 stars for Kibabu Cars. See you next year, Aljaž A

It was a pleasant stay and a wonderful vacation in ZANZIBAR last month, I enjoyed the trip very much, very nice and friendly country and very warm and kind people, I felt like @ home Your service was excellent , I would like to thank you and your team for the perfect service you offered , every thing was arranged as planned , the car was in really very good condition, the reception and handover was smooth and on time, no extra fees or hidden charges KIBABU car rent will certainly be my choice for my coming trip to ZANZIBAR. Mohamed E(Egypt).

I’ve just returned to Australia after 10 beautiful nights in dreamy Zanzibar. I am a single mum who works in the airline industry so am lucky enough to travel the world with my 16 and 18 year old children. We love an adventure and having the freedom to do as we please once we arrive in our destination. That’s why we always chose to drive. I’d read some information about driving around Zanzibar and it sounded a little difficult but I decided to look into it anyway. I’m so glad I did as it was absolutely easy and we really saw so much more than we could’ve otherwise. From booking, follow up emails from Kibabu and meeting the wonderful staff who met us at our hotel, organised my driving permit and met us at the airport when we were leaving, the whole process was flawless. Thank you so much for the best car rental service I have experienced anywhere. Huge recommendation to use Kibabu for your car rental in Zanzibar. So happy, Sydney ,Australia

Deon F,Aljaz A,Mohamed E,Sydney (SA,Egypt,,Australia) · 07/2019

Kibabu cars are the ONLY way to go when renting a car on Zanzibar!

I rented a Rav 4 from Kibabu Cars for several days in Zanzibar for work purpose. Overall my the service I received was excellent, they were fast in responding to any of my inquiries and were able to give me a great deal compared to other companies. The car was in good working order and I had no problems with the car the week I rented it.I will recommend Kibabu to any of my colleagues and friends travelling to Zanzibar.Nadia L(Canada).

Definitely the best car rental company in Zanzibar! Excellent service,always in touch with customers, help and support in any situation and any time! The cars are in very good condition, friendly and responsible crew! The experience of using the services of Kibabu Cars Zanzibar left only positive memories. Many thanks to all the staff for the car that made our vacation unforgettable! Maria G(Russia).

In general, we were very satisfied with the overall service, the car served us well and the price was appropriate. The help we received at pickup was excellent but as you may know the return did not go as smoothly. The car was a little old but durable but as I said we were very satisfied. Would choose you again in the future! Thanks again,Argyrios C(French).

Met us at the airport at 4 am. Toyota RAV was PERFECT. Friendly, helpful,staff. Easy payment. Excellent price for thoroughly road worthy,clean, well maintained vehicle Perfect advise available for all"unexpected" interactions with the rather entertaining roadside "Zanzibar Policemen" and only a phone-call away for some "on-the spot-advise" for a wee driving "issue". The included road map made touring the island a breeze and the rugged suspension managed the giant pot-holes and speed bumps like a Hummer. I could go on and on but won\'t! The Kibabu car we hired made our stay the best trip ever.Everyone will be getting a "Cows of Zanzibar " calendar for the Holidays. Excellent Rental Company. Roz & Tony (UK).

!The best you can do in Zanzibar is to rent a Car!This allows you to visit all the island, save money and be owner of your time. At the beginning I was very doubtful about it as in Mexico we drive on the right side, and of course the first day driving in the island was a bit stressing but fun at the same time, but after that you get use to it and you really start to enjoy... we visited everything there in two weeks and the car was key for this.Kibabu team was helpful and ready to receive us at the airport on our arrival and departure, they gave excellent tips and the attitude was right. No problems with pricing or anything, which usually happens with rental car companies, the amount we booked in the page was the amount we paid, not a shilling more.About the car, at the beginning we thought it was a bit old, however when you start to drive in the island you realize you have a pretty good car, considering we rented the cheapest one. It didn´t fail and everything was working, pretty reliable.I definitely recommend Kibabu company for rentals in Zanzibar. Brais A(Spain).

Nadia L,Maria G,Argyrios C,Roz&Tony,Brais A. (Canada,Russia,French,UK,Spain.) · 06/2019

I was very happy with the service provided!

We hired a car from Kibabu Cars in April 2019 when we stayed at Jambiani Beach in Zanzibar. The service we received from Kibabu Cars was excellent. On arrival, the car was in the airport carpark and a representative from Kibabu Cars was available to do the hand over which was pleasant and seamless - no forms to complete and full information provided on where and how to fill up with petrol, speed limits, etc. On our departure, we arrived at the airport unexpectedly early, and Kibabu Cars advised us to leave the car and the keys and carry on with our outward journey (we were not expected to wait until they arrived to collect the car). We hired a Toyota RAV 4
which,although old (Zanzibar is an island) was clean and well maintained and we did not experience any difficulties. I highly recommend Kibabu Cars and would hire a car from them again.Regards, Wendy G(SA).

Everything was as advertised and our contacts were extremely efficient, responsive and
friendly. Would definitely use Kibabu again, if I am in Zanzibar. Konstantinos K(Greek)

I have rented a car at Kibabucars recently during one week and I must say I am very happy with the service and the quality of the car.The quality and efficiency of Kibabucars services started at home from France, where they collected all the necessary information and had everything prepared for me upon arrival, including the local permit delivery and late delivery of the car, where requested.The car ( Toyota 4x4) was perfectly adapted to the type of road.I recomand this company without hesitation. Jean B (France)

Wendy G,Konstantinos K,Jean B. (SA,Greek,France) · 04/2019

The car was very good for all your traffic conditions and 100% reliable.

I was not sure how to rent a car on Zanzibar. I was given a recommendation from my friend on Kibabu Cars and I also read positive reviews on this company. It was a good choice. Everything was very easy and reliable- from choosing the right car, payment of the deposit, getting local driving licence, collecting the car at the airport at late night and returnnig it back. The staff was very helpful and I was given their telefon number for any problem. The car(Toyota RAV4 ) was older, but in good condition, reliable and perfect for any Zanzibar roads. We can warmly recommend this company. Hope to use their service again. I just wanted to say thank you for your perfect service. The car was very good for all your traffic conditions and 100% reliable. Hope to see you again in Zanzibar.With regards Libor S, (Czech)

We had a wonderful time in Zanzibar! And Kibabu Cars was everything you want a car company to be. Easy reasonably priced and a reliable and air-conditioned car. The staff was very helpful. Be aware that the cars are old, but they do the job and our raw4 was a great companion exploring Zanzibar.Rosa M, (Danish)

Our experience is only positive.We have hired Rav4 for one week, the lowest version of vehicle possible due to our low budget.Vehicle received I must admit it worked perfectly well, it took us all over the island without any glitch and mainly it had working Aircon which in the heat of 35C+ was much needed.So all in all it was an excellent service and would hire it again without any hesitation.Service of delivery and collection was perfect, no problems at all.I would fully recommend Kibabu cars!Thank you!Dana S(SA)

I would like to recommend Kibabu car. The car was in excellent condition and everything was arranged according to our agreement. Also thanks to Kibabu we had beautiful holiday at Zanzibar with many experiences. Erik G(Slovakia)

I can highly recommend Kibabu Cars. The administrative part was quick and easy. The car was very good and the delivery and collection service was in time and without any problems. Thanks, for helping us to have a wonderful stay on Zanzibar! Meike(German)

Experience with your company was graet. No complications, car delivery was on time, Car clean and in good condition. I will recomand your company to all my friends.Great job. Marko P (Slovenia)

It was a perfect experience and a wonderful stay on Zanzibar. Thank you.Robert(German)

Thanks very much. This was the second time for me to rent a car from you and just like the previous time, the service was professional,smooth and reliable. Thanks very much and look forward to the next time! Ryoko T (Japan)

Libor S,Rosa M,Dana S,Erik G, Meike,Marko P, Robert,Ryoko T (Czech,Danish,SA,Slovakia,German,Slovenia,German,Japan) · 03/2019

I am very happy with the service and vehicle

My experience with Kibabu was excellent. I got the RAV4, and it was in
very good condition. The company brought the car to me at my hotel in Stone Town, and picked it up at the airport. They explained a little bit about the local police, though probably should have warned about the fake cops. Not my first rodeo so I of course didn't pay, but it's kind of an awkward situation if you've never been in it before.
Anyway, I would recommend Kibabu to anybody looking for a safe, reliable rental while in Zanzibar.
Cheers, and thank you,
Joshua O(Canada)

It was a pleasure doing business with you. No wondwr, that you guys have such good reviews. That was the main reason that i rented from you. The car was great, i took care of your car the same as i do for my car. I will definitely give you 5* when i come back to Canada.P.S. Zanzibar is beautifull, except the police and a few people.
Aurel G (Canada)

Your service was very good and I would recommend you. Catherine O (UK)

Kibabu Cars were a great choice. From the accurate delivery and pick up times, convenience, car state, value and general helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, everything was on point! thank you for making our stay in Zanzibar stress free!Mohamed M(Egypt)

Hallo, we were very satisfied with your hire Kibabu cars . Thank you very much .Chmelík J(Czech)

We truly enjoyed our 2 weeks holiday on your beautiful and friendly island Zanzibar. We were very satisfied with your car rental service. Perfect service with deliverance in Stone Town and drop of at the airport. Car was old, but reasonable price and in good condition. Everything worked fine. We will be happy to take advantage of your car rental service again when we hopefully will return to Zanzibar in the future. Keep up the good work!Lars O(Denmark)

Joshua O,Aurel G,Catherine O,Mohamed M,Chmelik J,Lars O (Canada,Canada,UK,Egypt,Czech,Denmark) · 02/2019

I had the pleasure of hiring a car from Kibabu Cars in Zanzibar

Everything went smooth. From booking the car online, the payment, picking up the car, driving around (no problems experienced with the car, it drove like a dream) and the drop-off. (Thank goodness for the Aircon in the car) Mr Kibabu was only a phone call away if anything would've happened. They even sorted out all the insurance, made sure all the car's papers was in order, and organized the Travel Permit for me. What a pleasure doing business with Kibabu Cars. I've recommended them wherever I went. Thank you guys for everything, including the guys handling the Drop Off and the Pick Up. You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work. Hope to see you again real soon!
Gerhard McD, South Africa


Thank you very much again for your service and offer.
We found that driving on Zanzibar is fun but challenge for new driver coming from abroad.
However, Kibabu Cars help us a lot with warm reception at the airport, detailed instructions for all situations and willingness to help us at any time. Fortunately, it's a frigging friendly country and cars from KC are impeccable enough to never need any help and can fully enjoy our holidays.


We would highly recommend Kibabu.
We had a great holiday in Zanzibar December into January 2019. Transfers to our hotel were arranged with Kibabu. We also hired a car for two days which was delivered to our hotel by Kibabu. Great service received in all respects, pick ups on time, licenses in order and last minute changes all efficiently accommodated.
Thank you Farhat and team!
Ingrid H., South Africa


Rented the car from 25 December 2018 to 01 January 2019....Excellent response when inquiring and booking the car, and quick pick up and drop off procedure. Car was old but being a Toyota I had no doubts about its reliability. Island roads are terrible and this little car takes them in its stride. Wont hesitate to use (and recommend) Kibabu again.
Yunus K., South Africa


Another good experience with Kibabu cars ! Vehicle in good running condition, all papers were in order (which is useful with the amount of police around...). Next time, we will make sure to agree on a meeting point for the car return, as finding your representative can be a little tricky at Zanzibar airport. Will definitely work with you next time !
Geneviève, Tanzania Travels Switzerland

Gerhard McD, Andrej, Ingrid, Yunus, Geneviève (South Africa, Switzerland, ) · 01/2019

The organization of the rental process was perfect.

When we arrived we were already welcomed and escorted to the car. When departing there was also already someone waiting for us although we were too early. Everyone we had contact to was very polite, friendly and professional!
The car itself was in a very good condition which is quite essential on Zanzibar‘s roads. It was fun to discover the island this way together with our children. The car never made any trouble. When you see other cars with exploding tires in front of you, you know that this is not a self-evidence with the general road conditions.
We went into many police controls. With the local driving permit organized by Kibabu Car and the car itself we had never a problem. The police was also always very polite and professional. We never had to pay anything.
Before I came to Zanzibar, I often read in blogs and reviews that it‘s not recommended to drive on your own there. With the experience I have with Kibabu and the Island itself, I can not share this warning. We always felt safe and it was the best way to discover everything and travel on Zanzibar, even with children. Of course it is a little bit harder to drive on real dark roads at night, but everyone is driving carefully and you can just slow down if you feel uncomfortable. The police checks the cars and lights at many placed. So it‘s not more dangerous than driving anywhere else.
Oliver E. (Germany)


We were totally happy with Kibabu Cars. Booking was pretty straightforward and pick-up/drop-off without any surprises. Prompt communications and friendly staff at the airport was a big plus. The car was in good condition and clean when we picked it up. Driving in Zanzibar is not as difficult as many reviews suggest, but requires attention and slow driving in some areas to be on the safe side. Police checks are focused more on local vans/buses than private cars, so no worries there either. Zanzibar is a very beautiful island; renting a car to explore is definitely a must!"
Thomas K. (Greece)


Simply the best! People don't waste time searching for rental car company on Zanzibar - simply choose Kibabu Cars... Our experience with this company was perfect and we would highly recommend Kibabu Cars
Goran (Croatia)


I booked with Kibabu cars, the situation of the car was fine, and the communication before the booking, during the handover and when we asked to change the date of the return , was really easy.
if I travel again to Zanzibar I will book car again form the same office
Chris A. (Greece)


Our experience with Kibabu Cars was great! The staff was very kind and the car that we rented (Toyota Rav4) was pretty good maintained. We can recommend Kibabu Cars to anyone who comes to Zanzibar!
Aleksandar V. (Serbia)


Thank you for your excellent service. The car was great and the delivery/pick-up to the hotel worked perfectly. I have deactivated my facebook account. Therefore, I cannot post my comments on your facebook page. Sorry.
Martin Sch.


Hello, We have been very happy in Zanzibar ; roads are a bit tough, but if you go "Pole pole", everything will be fine ! Kibabu cars have been reliable, and did show up at the airport in the middle of the night to get their Noah van back, in time for our flight. Trust them as we did, you won't regret your decision. Thank you all !!
French family Leroy

Oliver E., Thomas K., Goran, Chris A., Aleksandar V., Martin Sch., Leroy (Germany, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, France) · 12/2018

The experience with Kibabu Cars Zanzibar was very positive

A representative of the company was at the airport waiting for us and they had taken care of all the documentation and driving permit.
The car allocated to us wasn’t the model we asked for but they deliver the right one the following day.
Overall the car was in great shape (considering the age) and allowed us to drive around the island the 9 days we stay in Zanzibar.
Overall we found Kibabu Cars Zanzibar very professional and reliable.
Sergio A. (Australia)


Thank you so much for the excellent service. The car was in excellent condition and we did not have any problems when stopped by the police. I would definitely recommend Kibabu cars.
Maggie N. (South Africa)


At first it was really hard to choose the car rental company in Zanzibar. But guys from Aquaholics recommended Kibabu and it was a great recommendation.
I would definitely hire here next time.
Here is why:
- responsive and professional
- good English
- very nice and pleasant
- online support 24/7
- good car
Thank you very much!
Tung Fam


I rented the Toyota RAV4 for 4 days. Very easy booking process. The car was in great condition. You guys are definitely awesome/trustworthy. Waited for me at the airport both pickup/return. I had a great experience with the rented vehicle. Highly recommend.

Thank you again, Kevin Ge

Sergio A., Maggie N, Tung Fam (Australia, Sourh Africa) · 09/2018

The service from Kibabu Cars couldn't be better.

The prices are good, and the website is clear in what car you are going to get. When we arrived two staff members were waiting for us in the parking lot, despite us being very late due to a delayed flight. They showed us the car, the licenses and all the necessary information. They had also already paid for the car to leave the parking lot and it was clear that the airport staff was also familiar with Kibabu, so they have definitely made a name for themselves. The car itself was in a very good condition, much better than the cars in mainland Tanzania. We went for a RAV4 automatic, which was clean and quiet. It drove very well with a good fuel economy (a with most rental cars in Zanzibar the tank was almost empty when we got it, but a fuel station is nearby, and the gas prices are relatively cheap. You use about 1 tank of gas per week if you go and explore every day). The entertainment system was in Japanese so not very useful (no sat-nav), but we didn't really need it anyway. The climate control/air-conditioning worked very well which was good, because even in winter it is still very much needed. We made it past the police checkpoints with little to no difficulty, all the paperwork was in order.
On the day that we were leaving we had to drop the car off before 7 AM. I communicated this to Kibabu via WhatsApp (I had originally given them a later time) and I quickly received a reply that everything would be in order. We arrived at the airport a little bit early and we were very happy to see that the Kibabu staff was already present and waiting for us.
All in all, we would definitely recommend Kibabu Cars and we will use them again if we return to Zanzibar.
Kornelis K. (Holland) 08/2018


Via FB
I can personally recommend Kibabu to rent a car in Zanzibar. We rented a RAV4 5-door for 2 weeks, and it was a great experience! Good service and good car! We didn't have any mechanical problems, or any issue at all. Police in the roads were always nice to us too. I'll do it again!
Manuel B. (Spain) 08/2018

Kornelis K., Manuel B., (Holland, Spain) · 08/2018

Zanzibar has been an amazing experience. We like it!

Our car from Kibabu, a RAV 4/5 was in a good shape and worked responsible. So we had a good option to explore the beautiful island. And somtimes we felt like aliens, a white couple in a car driving through a lonely village. Most of the people were very friendly and curiouse. To pick up und drop off the car has been really comfortable, no waiting time, no unnecessary worksheet to mark the smallest scratches an very friendly people! If we go to Zanzibar again we will chose Kibabu to hire a car.
Petra und Gerald (Germany)


Zanzibar has been an amazing experience. We like it! Luis L (Spain)


We booked the car online. Information and contract were provided via email. They also took care of our Zanzibar Driver Permit. We paid half in advance and half when we picked up the car. Everything went perfectly. We went for the budget option but anyway the car was great. When we picked up the car we got a lot of information about how the traffic and police check points work and how to get to the nearest gas station. Returning the car was also smooth. Our flight was very early, so we made a deal in the start to return the keys to an exchange office nearby that was already open. We recommend Kibabu Cars to all who want to rent a car while traveling around Zanzibar.
Petra R (Slovenia)

Petra B., Luis L, Petra R (Germany, Spain, Slovenia) · 04/2018

Thanks for the amazing service

our holiday was wonderful and we are back home with many impressions of this wonderful island. My experience with Kibabu Cars is excellent. Everything - the pickup and the return procedure worked good. Thanks again.Maybe we come back again to Zanzibar.Best regards,Herbert H(Austria)


The car rental procedure was easy, quick and without any disappointments. The price was very fair for the Toyota RAV 4. The condition was technically good and for the 8 days rental time it was the perfect car for the island. The small roads in Stone Town were no problem to manage as the sandy roads near the beaches. We were very happy with the handing over and drop of the car at the airport with a Kibabu representative. Any contact to Kibabu with WhatsApp was replied prompt. Next time definitely with Kibabu again. Rüdiger S(Germany )


Your service was great! The solid and reliable car was perfect for use in Zanzibar. Pickup and return of the car was fluent and on time.Christopher W(Austria)


My experience with Kibabu cars was excellent. Delivery and pickup on time at my hotel, the car was great, the service was friendly and professional. I definitely recommend Kibabu cars to anyone who wants an independent experience of Zanzibar. Thank you Shaul L(Israel)

Herbert H,Rudiger S,Christopher W,Shaul L (Austria,German,Austria,Israel) · 03/2018
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